The Oak Perch
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Willow's Perch

The Oak Perch Launch


Hi, my name is Willow, I’m the border collie at The Oak Perch. Together with my two brothers, Wrangler, and Quigley- we keep this farm secure. I started this blog to keep you updated on all the comings and goings.

Big changes on the farm, starting with our name! It’s official the farm is named:

The Oak Perch!

What’s this farm all about? Well, most importantly, I work my butt off trying to keep these sheep in line because they are very important. You see for us to continue to survive and build strong ecosystems we need diversity, over the years big agricultural has wiped out many breeds of livestock. The Livestock Conservancy was formed to preserve these breeds. The Oak Perch is a vital part of this work, raising two endangered breeds of sheep; Hog Island and Navajo-Churros. Rachel works carefully to breed these sheep and the farm then sells breeder stock to other farms, to increase genetic diversity and survival of the breed.

Second, Rachel loves wool! Like loves the stuff! I watch her wash, card, spin, and knit this wool into some seriously awesome handspun decor! Sometimes she can be a perfectionist (like insisting my butt is firmly on the ground when asked to sit), so stay tuned as she perfects her craft to create beautiful home goods for you! Let’s face it, not everyone can contribute to genetic diversity by breeding sheep, but everyone can enjoy their wool!

I hear Rachel headed to feed the sheep, duty calls! Don’t miss my updates, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter @theoakperch!